Network Administrator (SDWAN) Senior Associate

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    Distrito Federal
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    Tecnología y servicios de Internet
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    Salario base + prestaciones superiores
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    8 Jan 2024

Network Administrator (SDWAN)

  • Responsibilities:
  • Proficient in managing and configuring network infrastructure, including Palo Alto firewalls, Cisco switches, Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization, and various routers.
  • Skilled in Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technologies and able to design, implement, and troubleshoot SD-WAN solutions.
  • Knowledgeable in configuring Firewalls with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) capabilities to ensure network security and threat mitigation.
  • Competent in managing Load Balancers to optimize network traffic distribution and enhance system availability.
  • Proficient in configuring and maintaining Cisco wireless solutions for reliable and secure wireless access.
  • Experienced in working with routers, both in terms of configuration and troubleshooting, to ensure efficient data routing within the network.
  • Proficient in diagnosing and resolving complex network issues, including performance optimization and fault tolerance.
  • Implement network monitoring tools and practices to proactively identify and address network performance and security issues.
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of network configurations, changes, and best practices for future reference.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, communicate technical information effectively, and provide mentorship to junior engineers when necessary.
  • Lead a Team of Network Engineers. (For M)
  • Top Skills :
  • Palo Alto firewalls, Cisco switches, Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization, and various routers
  • Candidates with experience in Networking experience including routing, switching, SDWA N, etc.


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